Outdoor Christian Ministries

Outdoor Christian Ministries (OCM)
Founded to provide opportunities for individuals and groups to experience
the grandeur of creation in a wide variety of outdoor settings; enabling them
to grow in their relationship with God.
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Outdoor Christian Ministries (OCM) -- a non-profit organization founded to provide opportunities for people to experience a wide variety of outdoor settings in the south Texas brush country. Retreats are scheduled from February-September in which Bible teachings, worship, and prayer are blended with hikes, hunting, and fishing.

OCM's founder Lee Morrison ministered to people for years in the outdoors. His love for Jesus and the outdoors made it possible for him to make OCM a reality in 2008. He wanted an affordable place for people to be able to experience the outdoors, whether it was spending quiet time, hiking, fishing, and/or hunting. Since its formation, OCM has hosted many individuals, groups, and families. OCM has been blessed through monetary and equivalent donations as well as through many volunteer hours.

As you read the information and view pictures from various retreats, we hope that you find interest in OCM activities. If you would like additional information on our retreat facilities, please contact us at 512-497-7050 or dburnett@ocmtx.org.

Blessings to you,
Dale Burnett
OCM President

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