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Outdoor Christian Ministries (OCM)
Founded to provide opportunities for individuals and groups to experience
the grandeur of creation in a wide variety of outdoor settings; enabling them
to grow in their relationship with God.
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Safety Topics (other than guns):

Snakes -- Snakes might be moving at anytime but they move mostly during moderate temperatures. Moderate temperatures usually occur after sunset, at night and early morning. They can be under rocks, shade trees, cabins at anytime – day or night. We keep the campground mowed to reduce the amount of snake habitat. We keep tamper proof mouse bait stations to reduce snake food. Please keep in mind that just because the camp is mowed and has a fence around it does not mean that snakes aren't around.

Thorny Things -- Most brush species in south Texas have thorns or stickers. With spring time flowers on many of the species are quite pretty but don't forget the presence of thorns.

Oil Field Trucks -- Since January there has been a significant increase in oil field activity on the ranch. Recent developments in technology have allowed oil companies to gather oil in places that were previously unreachable. We hope the activity will be lower for the holiday weekend. Trucks create dust and can obscure the visibility of other approaching vehicles.

Remote Location -- We are over an hour away from a care center or hospital. We have a first aid kit but a serious cut or injury will require a long distance drive for attention.

Bunk Beds -- Some of the bunk beds have rough pine wood. Be careful not to get splinters.

Travelers -- The southwest corner of the ranch is said to be about 11 miles from the Rio Grande River. We see travelers from Mexico on foot from time to time. We also see their empty water bottles and food litter. Their primary travel time is usually not in the hot summer. If you see a traveler, please tell a guide. We have not had any negative contact in our time at the ranch but we remain cautious. Depending on the circumstances, a guide might call the Border Patrol.

Wandering -- Please don't leave the camp ground without a guide. Please don't leave the immediate area around your hunting/watching blind without a guide.

Cell Phone Contacts -- Test your phone upon arrival. Keep the cell phone contact sheet with you.

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